Our Mission

The mission of this website is to make information on the Children at High and Low Risk for Depression Study readily available to the general public and to the research community. The study, which is one of the only longitudinal, multi-generational studies of major depression, has made important contributions to the understanding of the etiology of depression and its transmission in families over a period of 27 years.

On this website, there will be available a complete history of the study which includes key findings, a thorough description of the methodology including number of participants in each wave and data collected, a list of publications with links to PDF versions, as well as comprehensive information regarding de-identified data available to qualified and approved researchers.

What's New?

The Children at High and Low Risk Study is approaching its 30th consecutive year of NIMH funding and is planning on continuing to collect additional clinical, genetic, EEG, and MRI data. ...More>>

About the Study

The Children at High and Low Risk for Depression study is multigenerational and longitudinal. The study design is a retrospective cohort. ...More>>

Study History

The sample now includes 3 generations grandparents (G1), parents (G2), and grandchildren (G3) and consists of families at high or low risk for depression based on the depression status of the original sample (G1). ...More>>

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