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Generation 2 Summary

(Code Book)

This data set contains all the offspring of Generation 1(G1) interviewed at any wave. The data set contains all Best Estimate diagnoses from all Waves. The diagnoses that are wave only are coded yes if G2 had a diagnosis in the time period between the last interview and the wave denoted in the label. The cumulative diagnoses are coded yes if G2 had a diagnosis at any of the waves in which they were interviewed. It is possible to determine which waves the person was interviewed at by using the variables w1, w2, w3, and w4. For Wave 3, there are 2 sets of variables core and extended. The core variables are those G2 who participated in Wave 1 and Wave 3. The extended variables are those G2 who participated in Wave 3 regardless of any other wave they may have participated in. Both sets of variables are included because most of the papers from Wave 3 were based on the core variables. The variable that defines whether G2 is from high or low risk families is GROUP. High risk is defined as coming from a family where one or more G1 has MDD. The data set also includes a variety of other data collected at each wave including overall functioning, social adjustment, temperament, depressive symptoms, parent-child interaction, family adaptability and cohesion, inhibition, life events, as well as diagnostic data collected on Generation 1 at Wave 1.For a complete list of data collected at each wave go to the Data Summary tab and click on Assessment Summary.

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